Are you only teaching children / adults ?

No, I teach anyone who wants to perfect their grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills, no matter what age they are. Whether you are at school and need some help or even if you are an adult who wants to be able to travel with confidence, then I am here for you, until you accomplish your goal. 

I am an adult and have not studied English in a long time. How will I know what level I am at?
I will send you a quick placement test.  

How many hours of teaching do I need per week? 
It all depends on your goal, the time you can invest, and even your attention span! My teaching hour lasts 60 minutes whether we are online or in person. Please keep in mind that in a private class we do more in less time, as it is all tailored to your needs and all focus is on you. 

When will I be ready to take this or that certificate? 
Your velocity depends on where you are starting from and the time you can invest. Also, you need to be realistic. Many language schools promise quick results: "Become fluent in English in 3 months!" This is of course impossible. 

Are online classes different to in person lessons?
Not in any significant way. My preparation is the same. What I expect of you is the same.

For more queries please contact me