About me
I have been teaching English for about twenty years. I have a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and I have trained and worked in exclusively English-speaking environments.
It is important to me that my students not only get a diploma but that they are able to communicate with ease and take advantage of the opportunities that having a good command of English offers: Writing coherently, making meaningful connections, continuing their studies, travelling, enjoying literature, navigating the web, even being able to watch Netflix and YouTube without subtitles.  
I believe in Personalised Learning where all instruction is tailored to the student's needs, strengths, and skills. Following the curriculum, we set short-term and long-term goals. That way, the students are also responsible for their progress and take ownership of their educational goals.  I am there to facilitate their learning, to support them, and to assess their progress.  

How will I know I like your teaching style? 

We can arrange an online meeting where we will discuss your interests, the parts you'd like to improve, and your general experience with the language. Taking your needs and interests into consideration, I will come up with a teaching plan. If you agree to it we can start, if not, you are under no obligation to continue with me. Read other FAQs here 
Types of classes either online or in person

-Conversation: Some students are interested in only having conversations in English to practise their oral skills. A few days before class I send you a discussion topic with some relevant vocabulary and ideas for you to explore. During class, I keep notes for you to consider in order to improve and I am available for all your questions. 

-Traditional class: In most cases, students want to improve their grammar, writing, and reading skills along with speaking. If that is you, my first task would be to check your current level. We can do this either with a short placement test or by having a discussion. 

-Certificates for EFL (English as a Foreign Language)I can train you for all mainstream English Language certificates, such as Michigan ECCE and ΕCPE, Cambridge Proficiency, TOEFL, IELTS, NOCN, TIE exam, etc. When you are aiming for a certificate in English you must keep in mind that all the skills you have to develop are the same, we just adapt to doing different kinds of exercises against the clock. 

I have been doing online classes before they became mandatory due to physical distancing guidelines. Do I prefer them to in-person classes? I think they are not that different after your first or second online class! And there are definitely pros to online education: 

-With my online classes all the educational material will be shared with you and you will always have instant access to it via Google Classroom. 

-I share videos, mp3s, and other material for your homework, that would be otherwise difficult to work on.

-Online classes are not impersonal or cold. There is real human connection, funny moments, and sharing, just like when we are face to face. 

-You can contact me on chat any (reasonable) hour you want if you stumble upon something that challenges you.

-And finally, you don't waste time getting dressed or even tidying your place for the teacher to visit you. I don't know about you but not having to tidy up is a big incentive for me. :)

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What my students say

I needed a C2 certificate for work and I chose the most appropriate one with Stevi. We did an intensive course for 2 months and I got my certificate! I had to study hard and Stevi was very supportive, always accessible but also demanding, as she should, because the goal I had set was hard. Thank you!  
Achilleas, 47


I wanted to take the Proficiency exam and I was very lucky to find this particular teacher. I am very satisfied and pleased with my choice. As a teacher, Stevi is very professional, calm and kind. I was surprised by the ways she would find in every class to pass on her knowledge to me. I don't need to mention that not only is she an excellent professional, she is also an amazing person.  
Panos, 36


I feel so lucky to have found Mrs Stevi. She is very sweet, calm and makes the lesson fun. Mrs Stevi we love you so much, you are the best!  
Nia, 12


In my effort to learn English, I was lucky to find Stevi, an excellent teacher and human being. As a middle-aged person, I needed my teacher's understanding and patience in order to learn. She made everything simple for me and I started to love the language and I owe it to Stevi, for her gentle and calm attitude. I am so thankful and we still have a long way to go! You'd be lucky to have her as your teacher!
Margarita, 56